Steps in The Credentialing Process

Email: Commission Ministers Network

Step 1
Complete the Application Packet:

    1. Complete the CMN Application
    2. Submit a Reference from your pastor or a ministry associate. (online or print and mail)
      Pastoral Reference
      Cut, Paste and Email this link to your Pastor to complete the Pastoral Reference online: http://CMNpastoralreference
    3. Submit $20 Application Fee
      (Payable Online or via check to “Commission Ministers Network”)

Step 2
Once the Application Packet and References have all been received we will review your application. You will be contacted and notified of the level of credentials CMN can offer. This is based upon your academic and experience credits so be sure you submit complete information with you application. If accepted you will also be notified of the amount of your prorated first year Affiliation Fee.

Step 3
Upon acceptance and receipt of your first year’s Affiliation Fee, you will receive affiliation with Commission Ministers Network and will be issued your:

  • Certificate of Licensure or Ordination
  • Annual CMN Identification card

Fee Schedule

  • Initial Application – $20.00 Non-refundable
  • Annual Affiliation Fee – $60.00 (pro-rated for first year – $5 per month)


Financial Assistance

We never want affiliation with CMN to be based upon your ability to pay.  If paying any CMN fees will present a financial burden on you, your family or ministry, please contact us about financial assistance. Financial assistance is available for ministers in developing countries and under special circumstances to any minister (up to a 90% grant).

When you contact us please explain

  • your reason for seeking financial aid
  • if this will be a continuing need or if it’s just a temporary problem
  • how much help you’re requesting and
  • how much you can contribute toward the fees.

We’ll do all we can to help.   Contact us.

Those who have received aid in the past must resubmit a new request and be reevaluated each year.