Do you raise support for your ministry?

Email: Commission Ministers Network

If you raise funds to support yourself as a minister/missionary or for a project, CMN may be able to offer administrative help in the form of receiving, receipting and disbursing funds as well as providing end of the year tax documents for you and your donors.

In order for us to do this:

  1. The person raising support must first join CMN.
  2. The ministry or project also has to be reviewed and approved as a CMN ministry or project.
  3. If approved the minister or ministry will be authorized to raise funds for the approved ministry through CMN.

If you are not already a member of CMN CLICK HERE for the Application.

If already a member of CMN complete the Support Application to submit your ministry or project for approval as a CMN project.

Or contact us with any questions you have.

As per IRS regulations, if a tax deductible receipt is given for a gift it becomes the property of CMN which has sole discretion over the use of the gift. It is CMN’s intent to use all funds for the purpose specified by the donor.

Please note: Commission Ministers Network does not raise funds for its ministers.
Each minister is responsible for funding their own ministries and projects.