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God called me to be a missionary for most of my adult life. I had been working in various ways in many countries. Then in 1994, God called me to China to be the head of the English Department at a university. Before taking my family there, I received my education in TESL. Since then I have been called to start English as a Second Language schools in Chihuahua, Mexico, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Romania. These schools were set up to help people in two ways.
1. To learn English so their education can be advanced; and
2. To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the students. Many in these schools, including China, accepted Christ as their Savior during this time and many more since. These schools are still operating with the missionaries I have trained to teach TESL.

I have also taught English camps in the U.S. from Japan, China, France, and others. Many of these students also accepted Christ and took Him home with them.

In 2014, my wife and I went to Kibogora, Rwanda with our church. While the others were ministering to children at the hospital and people around the area, I was to teach at a university. BUT before we arrived at our destination, God broke my heart for the orphans. They had no education because their living conditions provided no money for school supplies or uniforms. These children were busy just trying to find food for themselves. Some of them had been taken in by relatives or neighbors who couldn’t afford to even feed them once a day!

Verne and Hope

Verne and Hope

As a result of talking to the local school, I was given a classroom for these orphans. I found teachers who were willing to be taught TESL by me each evening after school hours for the two weeks I was there. I continued teaching them by computer and phone from the US. School started January 2015. Less than a year after our first visit, I started paying 4 teachers, including a tech guy who teaches computer skills, a supervisor over the teachers , a cook who feeds the orphans and teachers two meals a day, seamstresses who make the uniforms, and carpenters who build desks, chairs and tables.

New classroom

New classroom

God has blessed me with supporters who have either sponsored an orphan or donated to the general expenses of this school. Others have donated laptops and printers.  I make 2 trips to Rwanda a year. I continue to work with the teachers and supervisor weekly from home.

Now in 2016, this school is registered with the government of Rwanda as a legal, private school – EAI of Rwanda School. We have a total of 37 orphans in this school, 110 kindergarten students of poor families (not orphans) in another school, and 4 of our orphan students completed 1st-6th grade, passed a national test and moved on to a junior high boarding school. So a total of 149 students are under our care. They all receive Bible teaching.

Because God has provided for us to feed and clothe them, the orphans are learning quickly. They come back on Saturdays to learn from the Bible. They now have a choir and a football (soccer) team. A second school opened in January 2016 that is patterned after this first school. These children could be the future leaders of Rwanda because Rwanda is changing over to English as their official language. These children will be ready. They will be computer literate as well. They will be ready for the future. And many will know Jesus!

Being a part of CMN allows me to raise funds for these orphans and have a tax deductible letter for the US donors. It also introduced me to Crispin Kamucici, another CMN minister and pastor in Kigali, Rwanda. We have become more than friends, we are family. I was able to help him set up a computer lab in a coffee shop to raise money to feed the poor in his area of ministry. He visited me in Kibogora to pray for me when I was injured. I thank God for his friendship and for CMN partnering with me in ministry to orphans in Rwanda.

Click on this link to hear more and see the children. Africa1.mp4

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