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Tommy Montoya
Lions Den Ministry

I am an accomplished athlete; rank #8 in International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation World. I have 28 years of Martial Arts experience.

I am in the U.S.A Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Inductee Aug.10 2013) Hall of Heroes; an MMA Fighter; and Military Combative Instructor. 

God called me to be the founder of Lions Den Ministry in 2006. It is an inspired Martial Arts community at the Professional and Amateur levels. The aim is simply to be the example and connect many to a disciple based lifestyle; to glorify God at the highest platforms with our physical talents and teach the children self-defense. As time went on we started a weekly gathering called “Lord and Lions”. During this time we work on discipleship and baptisms.

Over the years I have witnessed great results in the Martial Arts community. One example is that before the ministry pride, arrogance, mysticism and division plagued the Martial Arts community. Now many Martial Arts teachers profess their faith to God and reversed many things like sickness and finances, and there are repaired relationships within the old school Martial Artist. Godly concepts have been introduced in cross training gyms.

It is my hope, and the vision God has given me, to continue His vision of connecting fellow Martial Artists and create a network to advance the kingdom of God.

Our home base is in South Texas in Corpus Christi, but I often travel throughout the US and abroad, with a heart for Brazil.

CMN has been a catalyst in improving our ministries’ potential to gain a financial covering and legitimacy in reaching support with fighters, grapplers, military combative personnel, fans and children. Tommy Montoya action pic

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