Polycarp Antto

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Polycarp (2)I came to know Christ the year 1993 and grew up in Christ. I had a call of God and went to the Bible college. I started pastoring a church in 2006. Currently I’m pastoring a new church a bit outside of Arusha in the place called Nambala. That is one of the four churches which I’m overseeing. The churches are located at Kisongo, Lengijave, Tengeru and now Nambala.

I teach courses at the Bible college. I am available for counseling when needed. I also lead seminars for pastors and church leaders since many have not been in Bible schools. By attending seminars they have more understanding on the Word of God.

Apart from that I’ve also been doing translation from English teaching to Swahili so pastors and leaders can understand. My friend Thane, from USA, was a pioneer of the seminars. He was finding different material like “Firm Foundation” book and translating it to distribute to pastors. I can confess that since Thane went back to USA, we have not been distributing material to pastors due to the limitation of resources.

Polycarp Antto and believersI have been accepted as a minister with Commission Ministers Network.

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