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Kra and Akissi Konan

When I read the Bible, I saw that all of God’s servants were called by God. He reveled Himself to them. When I started reading about Abraham until Paul, I read that God had called His people. I’m involved in God’s work because God reveled Himself to me and spoke to me. He asked me to continue His Son’s mission by using His Word to help people in need and suffering.

I am a Pastor in Côte d’Ivoire. I train disciples, teach, and pray for healing and deliverance. I also plant churches around the village and small towns.Kra Konan ministries

The political crisis and civil war from October 2010 to May 2011 touched many ministries and churches. We are rebuilding our ministries. I am helping to do that by building our church temple, primary level school for an orphanage, buying musical instruments and microphones, a car for transportation of materials, and a video projector to aid in evangelism. Many people need to hear the Good News or the Gospel. Some of them need counseling and help after those days as well.

I am affiliated with CMN and benefit from their experience. The one thing that helps me the most is my ID card. It helps me when I travel in others countries. I am well considered at any airport when I show security my ID card. When people see my Certificate of Ordination, they consider again my ministry, more than before I was affiliated with CMN.

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