Katelyn Andrews

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Just over a year ago, I was fresh out of college and working a typical corporate job. It was a season that I am beyond grateful for, but it soon ended when the Lord placed it on my heart to go.



I did not know the language, nor anyone in the country…but a short year later, it would become home.

After a few months of seeking my call and purpose in Antigua, Guatemala…I was introduced to who would soon become my family.

While working as a barista, two couples who were church planting in town came in for their daily coffee fix. I had heard about them from friends and told them that day that my heart was to lead worship and I would be there if they ever needed that service in their church.

Long story short, after a few months of getting to know these beautiful people & attending their bible study, I was asked to begin leading worship.

What started as a small bible study in the pastor’s living room, soon grew to be over 100 people strong. We started to meet in a local night club on Sunday mornings & watch as the Lord met His people.

For the last couple months, I have been serving as the worship pastor at that church, Shoreline Guatemala. I will continue to do so until the Lord calls me elsewhere…but for now, Guatemala is where I call home.

Keeping up with Kate

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