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Jim & Paula Westfall

Jim & Paula Westfall

Jim and Paula Westfall first came to Croatia in 2005 to assist Foursquare International missionaries for a short-term. Since 2005, they have maintained a relationship with Pastor Drago Zrno and his wife Nena, who pastor a Word of Life church in Split, on the Adriatic coast. They returned to Croatia in January 2016 for a long-term commitment to assist Pastor Drago to strengthen the church. The pastor’s vision is to see the members grow in their ability to: 1) love God, 2) love neighbors, 3) preach the Gospel of Jesus throughout the region, and 4) make disciples for Jesus.

Jim and Paula’s assignments include the development of a “Christian Learning Center,” which has the purpose of drawing many whom they are asking God to give a hunger to know more about Jesus. They believe the learning center can become a platform for teaching Biblical principles through classes that will address the needs of today’s Croatians, particularly the young and those with families. They are also facilitating home fellowship meetings modeled after the pattern of the early church (Acts 2:42) with the goal of strengthening the faith and power of members to serve and evangelize the region. Their home church, River West Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon, actively supports the Westfalls through prayer and counsel.

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