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There was a time when I would hear about children and ladies in bondage of prostitution or sex trafficking. I would bury my head in the sand or turn on my heal and run the opposite way without even a glance back. That was until Spring 2015 when God broke my heart for ladies and children that are in bondage to sex slavery. He called me to Cambodia. At the time, I didn’t know even what continent Cambodia resided in. Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia and is the sex tourism capital of the world. In simple obedience, I went to Thailand and Cambodia to see, hear and experience the heart wrenching circumstances of extreme poverty, hopelessness and lack of value for life. I went to minister and love the one in front of me. It was the most difficult thing I ever had to do. To walk up to a lady on a walking street who was waiting for her next client and look her in the eyes and tell her that she is deeply loved, cherished and to have hope when, at first, I couldn’t see it for myself. I felt like a used car salesman. But that didn’t stop me from continuing to go, be obedient and allow God to develop HIS faith, hope, peace, freedom and love in me in order to give it away. God has grown my capacity to see His love, care and destiny for the one in front of me. I have resolved that the nation of Cambodia and it’s precious people are now and always will be engraved on my heart.

The hook in my heart happened towards the end of my 1st trip. I was told that the 3 year old little girl that I had been playing with in a bar was considered being sold by her pimp father. Her enslaved and battered prostitute mother had no say. I had to be coaxed out of that bar and God had to soothe my heart and tell me that my mission was to pray for that “family”. I haven’t seen the little girl or her parents since then, but I am hopeful that God’s hand was moved by my faith-filled prayers.

Much of my time spent in the U.S. is being a megaphone for the voiceless by day and a prayer warrior for the enslaved to become free and experience the love of Jesus by night. Extreme Love Ministries (ELM), formerly XP Missions, is established in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. This is the ministry that I have the pleasure of serving under. Our focus is prevention, rescue and aftercare for children and women who are sex trafficked, abused and exploited. We have many projects and programs with a few always on-deck waiting for funding. Most of my time in Cambodia is spent in the poverty stricken slums where traffickers frequently visit and children are known to go missing or sold. Much time is also spent in the red light districts where ladies and girls are trapped in prostitution. ELM offers those ready to leave prostitution an opportunity for training in various ELM businesses, counseling, free childcare. School-age children are eligible for education and food sponsorship. In the slums, we meet them where their needs are with food distribution, feet washing (cleaning and caring for foot wounds) and more.

I fund raise to cover my travel, food, lodging and all other costs to Cambodia. But each individual time I’ve fund raised, the generosity has overflown to cover my costs and so much more. The first trip I went with $1,000 from extra donations and $500 was given to ELM for the start up of Purity Laundry, which included the purchase of a washing machine (clothes are hung to dry). The lady washing the clothes was formerly enslaved and now she is free and earns a living to support her family. The other $500 was given towards other ministry costs. Recently, another business called Everlasting Love (the ladies sew purses, shirts and more) have on-going financial needs for sewing materials and equipment. Since my heart is to continue to go, I have decided to do on-going fundraising for my costs and for on-going ministry needs and the development of new businesses and projects.

To raise support, I have partnered with Commission Ministers Network. They are a 501(c)3 and send you a tax letter receipt with each donation and a year-end statement.

Thank you for supporting my mission and bringing a voice to the voiceless. You can donate to my ministry with your credit/debit card here. Or you can mail a check to the address on their website. Be sure to put Brenda Herr on the memo space.

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