Anna Stehling

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Anna Stehling

Anna Stehling

Anna Stehling wears many hats. She is a wife and a mother of two sons. She is also the founder of “Nursing Home Ministry” born out of the vision that God gave her – the vision of helping people get back to the Lord. Even though she has served her country in the Army first and then the Navy as unit Chaplain, she is drawn to helping senior citizens in nursing homes find Christ. Having worked the nursing home ministry part-time for three years, in 2016 she switched to full-time ministry.

Anna is now in 5 nursing homes weekly. She holds 6 Bible studies weekly and preaches every Sunday twice. 41 people have come to Christ in three years.

This year I tried to go ahead and start a pastoral women’s section, Gathering, but that did not come to flourish. The Lord had taught me so many wonderful lessons in that situation and it turned out to be a blessing. Come this November the nursing home Ministry has been active for 5 years in one of the nursing homes. This year I have been able to ask the head director for a room to make into a chapel. For the last 3 months this activity has come to fruition. We are not done yet. We have not yet opened or dedicated the Chapel to be opened. By the end of September it should be open. I thank God for a loving staff at this nursing home who got on board and has put stained glass windows up, painted the walls, cleaned out the room and gave us some furniture. There is also another kind man in town that helped make our Pulpit out of wood. Now we have a beautiful pulpit for this Chapel. We had another Pastor in town that had a menorah that gave that to us. We have an activities table for the back of the room to have Bible studies and in the next 3 weeks we will be getting our small church pews to go in the room.

I have been able to preach every Sunday all this year at least twice. We have six Bible studies a week. We have seen multiple miracles of healing and people coming to the Lord this year. We had another man in town give us some salvation pamphlets and Daily Bread books to go into the chapel. People in town have caught on to our Bible studies and have requested if they, too, could join our Bible studies during the week. They have come. This year in July we were able to celebrate at one of the nursing homes. It was their fifth year anniversary of this ministry. Sadly we have lost three people that were near to our hearts but we know that they have gone on to heaven and have reached their goal and we are so happy for them. I know that this year is not done and we do have our Christmas celebration coming up. We take gifts to the people who we know will not have one single person to visit them on Christmas Day.

I was able to do a small fundraiser to raise funds for the Christmas gifts by making jellies and selling them. We made fig jam, grape jelly, jalapeno jelly, Prickly Pear and Mustang grape jelly and watermelon jelly. Those in Fredericksburg who donated the fruit were: Deidre Neeh-Hamilton gave the watermelon; Juan & Kay Hamilton gave the figs; and Don & Sharon Steadman gave the red grapes. I am so thankful for these people who donated their fruits for the people in the nursing home.

So this is our ministry report this far into the year and it is only August. I am wondering what more the Lord has to do for this ministry for the rest of the year before we get to January. Who knows but it should be good. Looking forward to it!

“I have found that CMN has people who not only care about the unsaved, but also those who minister to the unsaved. I’ve had my questions answered and guidance in the process of becoming Ordained. CMN prays for me. I know I can send a prayer request and they will respond with prayer for me.” ~Anna

One of the giant print Bibles handed out to those who requested one.

Some of the recipients of the giant print Bibles.
Bible recipient at nursing home

Anna nursing home3

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